Frequently Asked Questions

How much time does it take to drive through the park?

That will depend on how fast you drive and how heavy traffic is in the park. We encourage people to drive slowly and take in all the sights. Relax and enjoy the park. Typically it takes 45 minutes to drive straight through with light traffic. **Due to the high volume of cars on weekends, please allow for an extra hour or longer to enter the park.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, we accept Visa and Mastercard at the front gate.

Is the park wide enough for a Bus?

Absolutely! Bus traffic is welcome. We can accommodate anything up to a large 56 passenger commercial bus. That includes motor homes and RV’s (recreational vehicles.) The height can not exceed 15 feet.

How many people can be in one vehicle?

The more the merrier…up to a point! The regular entrance fee covers up to eight people in your vehicle. Buses, limos and RVs cost a little more. For the safety of you and your passengers, we do not allow vehicles to tow trailers carrying people through the park (like a “hayride”).

Can passengers ride in the bed of our truck?

Yes. Guests are allowed to ride in the bed of a truck through the event, but must remain seated at all times. In addition, minors riding in the truck bed must be accompanied by an adult. We also strongly encourage guests to obey any and all applicable traffic laws prior to entering the park.

Are restrooms available?

Yes. The main restrooms are located at the half-way point! There are also a few portable toilets located near the office building and Fire Station by the main road as well as just before the pay gate to enter the event. Due to safety reasons, the restroom buildings throughout the park are locked and not available for use. Portable toilets are not available on Lake Ridge Pkwy. or Mildred Walker/Lynn Creek Pkwy.

Do you have a radio station?

We encourage guests to listen to our partner station KLUV-HD3 

Can I stop and take pictures by the light displays?

No. Guests are not allowed outside of their cars within the drive-through portion of the event. Please do not get out of your car in the middle of the drive. Not only is traffic a danger, the guide wires that support the displays and they are nearly invisible in the dark and hurt like heck when you trip over them.

Should I turn out my headlights as I drive through the park?

Yes. The path will be clearly marked with Christmas lights, cones, and lighted indicators. With headlights off, the experience is much more enjoyable, especially for the people in front of you. We do realize that not all vehicles are able to switch off their headlights, but if you can, please do so.

Who should I contact for ticketing assistance? 

For ticketing assistance, you may contact our ticketing partners, Prekindle at 214-713-1750 (10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. M-F) or anytime here.